20 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Avocados

20 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Avocados
20 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Avocados

Avocado (Persea Americana) is a tropical fruit, but when it comes to diet it is commonly used for a variety of appetizers and salads (as a vegetable) because of its distinctive taste. Avocado is an evergreen perennial plant originating from South America and it is mostly grown in Mexico and California.

A tree can grow up to 20 meters and the leaves are 10-12 cm long. The fruit is pear shaped with a large seed in the middle and rough bark. The fruit of the avocado is low-calorie and comes with strong healing properties.

What Are The Health Benefits of Eating Avocados?

Many nutritionists consider avocado to be a superfood and that’s why they recommend eating avocados on a daily basis. Now let’s highlight some of these benefits of eating avocados.

1. Eating avocados before bed

Avocados are high in magnesium. According to one study, older adults, suffering from insomnia, who have consumed food rich in magnesium have significantly improved the quality of their sleep. Eating avocados will increase the length of time of your sleep and ease the process of waking up.

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2. Eating avocados while pregnant

Avocados are packed with folic acid, vitamin C and B6 and potassium. They taste very good and many pregnant women use them instead of mayonnaise. Vitamins are excellent for baby’s brain growth and can help women with morning sickness. In addition, folic acid can contribute to the faster and healthier formation of the baby’s nervous system and brain.

3. Eating avocados to gain weight

One average-sized avocado contains two times more potassium compared to banana and about 10 grams of fiber. This exotic fruit is a healthy source of calories and that’s why it is recommended to eat avocados regularly in case you need to gain weight. One pound of avocados has 3.500 calories.

4. Eating avocado to lower cholesterol

Thanks to the large quantities of oleic acid in avocados, their consumption can reduce cholesterol levels in the system. Accord to one study, a diet that is rich in avocado has helped almost all participants to reduce the overall cholesterol levels. However, the levels of good cholesterol were increased by about 10%.

5. Avocados can ease arthritis pain

Avocados are also rich in Polyhydroxylated fatty alcohols. This is actually a powerful anti-inflammatory agent that contributes to the process of reduction of inflammation which often leads to arthritis in the future. In addition, eating avocados can also bring the necessary antioxidants in the system which eases the symptoms of arthritis.

6. Eating avocados to maintain your brain functions

Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin E are excellent ingredients for your brain and they can be both found in avocados. Avocado improves the blood flow in this area which means that your brain will work better than ever.

7. Improves absorption of nutrients

Not every vitamin that we consume can be absorbed into the body right away. Some of them are fat-soluble (like vitamin E, D, K, and A). Eating avocados will help you digest the meals that contain these vitamins and absorb them into the body.

8. A great source of nutrients

Although we have mentioned some nutrients, we didn’t mention that avocados have more than 20 minerals and vitamins. An average avocado contains about 25% of your daily needs for vitamin C and about 15% of your daily needs for potassium. They also have a significant amount of vitamin B6.

9. Eating avocados to improve eyesight

With the help of two important carotenoids (zeaxanthin and lutein) found in avocado, you will be able to improve your eyesight. You will also reduce the chances of developing eye diseases.

10. Rich in fiber

Avocados are fruits that have very high amounts of fiber in them. According to some researchers, about 8% of avocados are made of fiber or about 30% of your daily needs for fiber. Avocados can reduce sugar cravings and speed up metabolism.

11. Eating avocados to lower and regulate blood pressure

There are two main substances found in avocado that have proven to be helpful when it comes to regulation and reduction of high blood pressure – potassium and magnesium. As we have mentioned before, eating avocados will provide you much more magnesium than eating most other fruits.

12. It improves skin health

Besides eating avocado, you can also create a mask for your face. Avocados can hydrate your skin and help you keep your skin smooth and wrinkle-free. By adding yogurt and honey in this mask you will surely increase the effects.

13. Eating avocados to substitute butter

If you need butter for your baked goods – use avocado instead. Many people use avocado to make brownies. They also use it to make banana bread.

14. Eating avocado to improve heart health

Avocado has a great positive effect on blood vessels and prevents the occurrence of heart disease. It also has low levels of sugar and doesn’t contain sodium. As previously mentioned, it reduces bad cholesterol levels which are one of the things that contribute to the development of heart disease.

15. Eating avocados to prevent cancer

Although you cannot expect to completely prevent the development of cancer by eating avocados on a daily basis, it was proven that people who enjoy this fruit regularly have lower chances of developing prostate cancer, breast cancer, and oral cancer.

16. Eating avocados to slow down the aging process

There are basically two ways in which avocado slows down the aging process. First of all, it helps the skin stay smooth. In addition, it also improves the detoxification process of the body.

17. Eating avocado to eliminate bad breath

One of the main reasons for bad breath is the improper work of our digestive system. Eating avocados will help you stabilize this system. You can also drink avocado juice too. The effects will be the same. Only after a couple of days, these symptoms will be gone.

18. Avocados can help diabetes patients

These exotic fruits are an excellent way to regulate and stabilize blood sugar levels. These fruits contain good fats which can reduce insulin resistance. They are rich in fiber which is a very important element for regulation of blood sugar levels.

19. Eating avocados prevent strokes

Avocados are packed with folate and this is the reason why they can experiencing a stroke.

20. Eating avocados to boost immunity

The many vitamins (especially vitamin E and C) found in avocados are improving the work of the immune system.

source: 20 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Avocados

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