Many of us don’t think that the food that we are eating actually contains some cancer-causing agents. However, the number of people with malignancy is increasing constantly.

So, now is the time to take a closer look on what you are consuming.

Below you will find a list of foods that you should avoid because they may include some of those agents that cause the terrible disease.

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-Preserved and smoked food

The smoked food includes tar which is found to be carcinogenic and the preserved food includes nitrates which are also carcinogens. That is why you should avoid the pickles and all of that preserved food.


Avoid eating the microwave popcorns. We know that everyone loves them and they are ideal for a movie, however, their paper bag includes some chemicals that are cancerous.


The sodas have artificial flavors and they include a lot of sugar, and they are the ones that are harmful for our health, causing cancer, GIT diseases or obesity.

-Potato chips

The potato chips found in the stores include a lot of calories as well as colors and flavor that can be harmful for us. The carcinogen ingredient is the acrylamide which is present in most of the chips so that is why you should avoid them.

-White flour

The white flour is cheap to buy however it is bleached in chlorine gas which gives the white color to it. You should avoid it because it is increasing the level of blood sugar and the tumors are feeding on that.

-Canned tomatoes

The fresh tomatoes found in the farms are healthy and cancer-fighting because they include anti-oxidants. However, contrary to them the canned tomatoes in the stores are cancer-causing because they include preservatives. Some people buy them because it is a quicker way without a mess. However, you need to realize that the other option is healthier.

-Hydrogenated oils

All of the vegetable oils are hydrogenated, however, this is a chemical process with chemicals that are dangerous. Choose the butter instead.


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