Natural Remedies for Arthritis For A Safer Alternative

Natural Remedies for Arthritis For A Safer Alternative
Natural Remedies for Arthritis For A Safer Alternative

Arthritis is a debilitating disease that afflicts both men and women of any age. Often times, the disease causes intense joint pain and inflammation, that can be difficult to control without prescription medication. However, there are natural remedies for arthritis that provide significant relief.

Osteoarthritis is often the result of cartilage wearing down interfering away. However, it can often occur when there simply is not enough cartilage in a joint to move it comfortably.

Rheumatoid arthritis is recognized as an autoimmune disease, where the body is constantly attacking itself. All forms of arthritis typically have one specific condition it shares in common – inflammation.

Reducing Inflammation

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Out of all the best natural remedies for arthritis, eliminating a poor diet can play a significant role in reducing the body’s inflammatory responses. Many researchers and certified clinical nutritionists believe that routinely consuming common food allergens – like soy, wheat, sugar products, and anything that can convert to sugar (grains, alcohol) – easily promotes inflammation in the body, wreaking havoc on joints.

By eating a healthier diet, void of any allergy-promoting food, can begin to clear out the system in as little as two months. Wheat and other products are known to trigger the body’s natural autoimmune reaction in arthritic individuals. By eliminating these types of foods and table sugar from daily diet can decrease inflammation. Consider switching table sugar for agave, molasses, honey and/or fruit.

Natural Supplements

Taking a quality glucosamine/chondroitin sulfate supplement brand in the proper dosage has been known to be significantly beneficial to many arthritis sufferers. The same is true for hyaluronic acid because of its rich hydrating properties. In addition, Cetyl myristoleate has been proven highly effective at minimizing inflammation, and adding lubrication to the joints.

Daily Exercise

While movement is often the last thing that any arthritic sufferer wants to perform, certain exercises can actually strengthen the body, and increase cardiovascular endurance without any additional wear and tear on the joint. Aquatic exercise, especially pool jogging and swimming have been highly effective for burning unwanted pounds and inches, to relieve the heavy burden of excess weight on joints.

In addition, yoga and gentle stretching are often recommended for arthritis sufferers as a way to increase range of motion. Any activity is beneficial, if it is enjoyable to the individual with arthritis. However, if it tends to exacerbate the condition, it is likely recommended to reduce the amount of time you participate in the activity.

Other Remedies

Other natural remedies for arthritis are also beneficial to sufferers. These include holistic approaches such as chiropractic medicine, acupuncture, and rehabilitative therapy to alleviate muscle and joint pain. In addition, ice packs tend to reduce inflammation, numbing pain and swelling, while heat on the body is often an ideal solution to relax stiff joints and muscles by increasing flexibility and blood flow.

The above natural remedies for arthritis can help reduce inflammation, increase range of motion, and make the arthritis sufferer more comfortable each day.

source: Natural Remedies for Arthritis For A Safer Alternative

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