Whatever you call it  . . . crostata, galette, rustic pie or rustic tart. Just don’t call me late for dinner.

These types of pies are all the rage right now, but did you know I invented this type of pie? Way back in 1960-something?

I was going to try to make myself sound younger than I am and say 1980-something, but figured someone would call me out for that! With the internet, you just can’t lie about your age like you used to.

I remember sitting in my mom’s kitchen when I was a kid and when she was done making a pie she would hand me the scraps of pie dough that were left over. You know, the pieces that she had trimmed off the pie after she had crimped it together.

I would smash them into a ball with my grubby little fingers and then roll them out again into a circle with a juice glass and make my own mini, made just for me, resemblance of a pie.

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I’d cut up some apple slices and place them in the middle of the dough and then crunch up the edges as far as I could get them. There was always more pie filling than pie dough, so the dough rarely, if ever, met in the middle.

Imagine my surprise, when years (many, many years) later I realized that I had been making crostatas all along. Who knew I was on the cutting edge of pie making way back then.

I’m just a beacon of trendiness, I tell you.

The other day I was hanging out at my local farm market and noticed they had a ton of blueberries.

Just begging to be made into a pie.

Please throw me in the oven and make the juices run out of me, they seemed to say!

I bought a few pints (one for the pie and one for the ride home) and started dreaming of cooking those little suckers!

BTW, the farm market does not give you the cute little blue containers, they dump them in a bag for you??? Just saying, when I’m paying that much for fresh blueberries, can’t you give a girl a cardboard carton?

NOTE:  Of course you can make your own pie crust if you want to get all hoity-toity on me. And actually I normally do make my own, but it’s summer and if the name of the game is to make a FAST and EASY pie that you can make and devour QUICKLY, then just go for the store bought stuff.


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