7 Steps For Effective Weight Loss After 40

7 Steps For Effective Weight Loss After 40
7 Steps For Effective Weight Loss After 40

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Losing weight after 40 is almost always problematic.

Metabolism is difficult to function properly, weight loss is becoming increasingly difficult and weight loss is almost zero.

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Weight loss at 20 is definitely very different from after 40 years.

According to a follow-up study by the US National Institutes of Health,  found that among adults aged 25 to 44, men gained about 3.4% of their body weight every 10 years.


In the same study, however, women gained 5.2% of their body weight every 10 y

Especially after the age of 40, where our body is trying to find new ways to function properly.

In fact, when either women or men are forced to stay at home for any reason, they begin to neglect their appearance. If, in particular, no athletic activity is done, then the significant change in weight and body fat begins.

So in today’s article, you will find out what our metabolism is and how it works so you can fix it. You will also read why you can no longer lose a single pound and with what foods you will reverse it.

So as not to create significant relaxation after 40 with the known results, find out what your body needs to keep the extra pounds away.

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What exactly is metabolism?

Metabolism is the process and combination of biochemical processes that our body uses to convert food into energy.

So our body either uses this fuel immediately, or stores it in the tissues and organs of the body. That is, in the liver, muscles and heart.

However, it can be stored as body fat in the abdomen, legs, hips and where there is a greater predisposition.

Metabolic processes for energy production include respiration, consumption, and digestion of food. In addition, they involve the supply of nutrients to the cells through the blood.

The use of energy is also necessary for our muscles, nerves and cells, but also the elimination of waste from our body.

When dietitians talk about metabolism, they usually do not talk about a long list of physical and chemical processes.

We often use the word “metabolism” to describe the rate at which our body burns calories.

That is the rate at which our body converts food into energy (calories). He then uses the energy to perform essential daily functions.

What is metabolic rate?

The rate at which calories (energy) are burned is called the metabolic rate.

These include gender, age, thyroid levels , muscle and fat ratio, but also our emotional state.

Our metabolic rate can change daily depending on the level of each of our activities.

However, it remains quite stable and is the most important component of our overall metabolic rate.


There are of course many factors that affect our metabolism. Positive or negative!

Why can I not lose a single kilo anymore?

Each of our muscles burns three times as many calories as fat cells.

This means that losing muscle mass causes weight gain or at least difficulty in losing weight.

Especially when it comes to losing weight and fat after 40 years.

Some of the key factors that cause muscle loss are a drop in testosterone levels, poor diet and aging.

Recent studies indicate that after 40, women lose muscle mass twice as fast as men. In fact, we lose the most muscle mass on the largest surfaces of the body, such as the thighs and core muscles that support the shoulders and abdomen.

But there are three important and economical foods to fight to slow down our metabolism.

It is therefore essential to include the following foods in your daily routine and they are:

  • Oolong tea

containing polyphenols, which help block fat-producing enzymes. This amazing tea has a low caffeine content, so you can drink it 2-3 times a day for continuous results. Research even shows that our metabolism will increase for two hours, after each cup of Oolong tea.

  • The hot pepper

which contains the alkaloid piperine, which helps speed up our metabolism. In fact, if you add hot pepper to tomato juice, you will achieve a double effect of boosting the metabolism. Tomatoes also contain lycopene, an antioxidant that helps protect our mitochondria.

  • The beans

which contain large amounts of soluble fiber and can help lower insulin levels . So that you store less fat in the body, while at the same time you will feel full. Cook two cups of red, white or black beans to get the recommended daily fiber intake of 25 grams.

The 7 steps for weight loss after 40

So let’s see what are these 7 steps for losing weight after 40, which will significantly help your goals.

# 1 Get to know your body

The first and most basic thing about losing weight after 40 is to understand your new body.

That is, your body may no longer be able to handle running or swimming for daily exercise. But walking or yoga may be better for you and a good stimulant for your body.

This of course takes time and is perfectly normal.

Especially a woman’s body after 40, usually needs a different diet and exercise. So we should stay away from what we did when we were in our 20s or 30s.

Take some time to get to know yourself and your body. Check what is still working properly on the weight loss part and what is not working for you.

Maybe even three cups of coffee a day (with sugar) will negatively affect your weight. Try to reduce them to one or two cups and see if you lose weight.

It seems simple, but I will explain to you what the main issue is:

The change of your daily data so far!

In other words, during this “learning” process, you will be able to identify some trends in weight loss. These will help you focus more effectively on the problem areas and weight loss after 40 years.

# 2 Get enough sleep to lose weight after 40

When you are over 40 and want to lose weight, you need to get enough hours of sleep.

According to the US National Neurological Institute,sleep problems usually begin to develop between the ages of 50 and later.

Especially if you have difficulty sleeping at night, if you are unable to sleep during the day or if you wake up very early in the morning.

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In addition, taking medication can affect the quality of sleep, creating stress and other health problems.

But in addition to other health problems, lack of sleep can directly affect weight loss. It is a key factor, but very few people consider it important for weight loss.

If you have trouble sleeping at night, you should consult your doctor first. He or she may recommend lifestyle changes or tests to rule out certain health factors.

You can also try to reduce caffeine or spend more time outdoors during the day.

Another great solution is to relax for at least an hour with your favorite music or book before going to bed.

# 3 Restore your hormones for weight loss after 40

Especially to us women when we are approaching menopause or even after, our hormones can do really crazy things.

Since they control every bodily function we have in different ways, our body can go completely out of its normal orbit.

Estrogen is a major cause of weight gain from the age of 40 onwards.

One study found  that reduced estrogen levels lead to lower insulin production. Which can easily increase the risk of diabetes and obesity.

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Medications, stress and diet also play an important role in weight gain and the difficulty of losing weight after 40. In fact, the choice of foods you make can disrupt normal hormone levels.

But you can get your hormones back to normal by making some changes in your lifestyle and diet.

First of all, you need to try to eliminate stress from your thinking. As difficult as it may seem!

Stress is one of the leading causes of weight gain at any age.

Do more of what you love and less of what you do not want!

Try doing yoga for beginners at home if you need a little extra help!

Then check your diet.

Overloading your body with sugar and refined carbohydrates for a long time can block your hormones and insulin receptors.

# 4 Boost your metabolism

Our metabolism is declining rapidly from the age of 40 onwards.

It is therefore very important to find natural ways to increase it, through lifestyle and changes in our diet.

The most important change you can make to your diet is to monitor your daily protein intake. Protein acts as a building block of our cells and all bodily processes.

So you should consume vegetable proteins or not, in sufficient quantities.

So that you can achieve weight loss after 40 and lose body fat.

In the table below you will find several protein foods that will help you in your choices:

Table of proteins for weight loss after 40

* People with kidney problems should pay special attention to the amounts of protein consumed for toxicity. (4)

You can also read the related article with: 17 Protein Foods For Healthy Meals (Except Meat).

How Protein Will Help You Lose Weight After 40

Protein is a nutrient that energizes our body and helps build muscle.

So that our metabolism jumps!

In addition, protein will help you get better results in your potential workouts.

According to the Prevention website,  women over the age of 40 should seek 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight daily. We will thus achieve a satisfactory fight against muscle loss from gradual aging.

But how do you get started?

  • Choose healthy foods rich in protein to support muscle mass and follow a moderate calorie diet
  • Strengthen your strength twice a week with exercises to combat muscle loss
  • Be sure to do aerobic exercise three times a week to get great results in burning calories

Make sure you distribute the protein evenly throughout your meals daily to give your metabolism a steady rise.

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# 5 Change your daily routine

Exercises that once worked well for your body may no longer be as effective after 40 years.

Exercise for weight loss after 40

According to Dr. Mercola, even active people lose some muscle mass after the age of 30. This can lead to limited mobility and more pain.

For weight loss after 40, it is important to continue building your muscles. But without doing more than your body can handle. The best way to do this is to add variety to your exercises.

Women should not be afraid to challenge themselves after 40. Variety in exercise can keep all muscle groups active, while increasing our overall metabolism.

Of course, choosing low impact exercises is also important to prevent injuries.

# 6 Drink more water

I will never get tired of writing it in my articles, because it’s too important!

Water is extremely important for weight loss, elimination of toxins and improving our health.

As a society now, we have replaced water with various kinds of abnormal drinks. Including soft drinks (simple or diet), “vitamin” drinks and energy drinks.

The point is, you either forget to drink regular water during the day or many people avoid it because you may not like it.

But it is very important for your body to drink 8 glasses of water (2 liters) daily. This amount will hydrate you, make you feel full and expel toxins from your body.

You can simply add various fruits or vegetables and really enjoy your water.

It is an excellent ally for significant weight loss after 40, but also at any age.

# 7 Prefer real food

Weight loss after 40 is not just about losing weight, but much more!

Such as a healthy diet.

The good news is that this does not mean that you should stay away from what you love to eat.

But it does mean choosing more real foods in your diet instead of pre-packaged and processed foods.

According to a study by the University of California UCSF, sugar is hidden in about 74% of packaged foods.

So you need to realize that sugar is the number one risk factor for weight loss.

When you use fresh food when cooking, you know its contents without having to consume unknown ingredients.

Cook with fresh fruits, vegetables and protein and you will find that you can lose weight more easily than you think.

You should also pay close attention to processed carbohydrates, such as white bread and pasta.

These foods act on our diet similar to sugar.

Replace them with healthy, complex carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes, quinoa and brown rice.

Final touches for weight loss after 40

Entering the 40’s, it is easier than ever to gain weight and harder to lose it.

Especially when our blood sugar levels are now more prone and may increase our craving for sugar.

Due to the slowdown in our metabolism it is much harder to burn 300 calories a day than we did in the 20s.

Losing weight after 40, however, is not impossible!


By practicing a few simple moves you will create long-term, healthy eating habits. These will help you keep your weight and fat at the right levels and proportion.

All you need is the will, the perseverance and the implementation of the above steps!

Have you tried the above steps for weight loss after 40?

Do you find it difficult to lose weight and lose weight and fat effectively?

Have you tried the above steps to make sure there will be weight loss after 40? If so, do you still apply them in your daily life or do you have difficulty with them?

Leave your important comment below as always.

I wish you good luck in your goals and always be well! 

source: 7 Steps For Effective Weight Loss After 40

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